30 Day Selfies with Strangers Challenge

DAY 2/30 Tonight I made soup, wanted bread to go with it and decided that I’d head out because I hadn’t yet taken my selfie for the day.
I decided that fresh cooked garlic naan would be wayyy better than supermarket rolls, so I ducked into the Indian takeaway place to get some.
Sujar, a Bangladeshi dude was behind the counter and we had the good old “Bianca / Priyanka Chopra” conversation I had so many times in India (she’s a famous Bollywood star and no matter how clearly I’d say “Beee anca”, people would exclaim “Ohhhh Priyanka! Priyanka Chopra!”

Ebba Rose Shelley Black Ankush Agnihotri Kunnwar Vijay Parmar Amjad Khan you’ll appreciate this! 😆

I also had a little laugh when I went to upload the pic & FB auto-tagged Sujar as me!

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