$80,000 in 3.5 months

$80,000 in 3.5 months. EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN 3.5 MONTHS
You have possibly seen this headline floating around your news feed.
Maybe you’ve been wowed.
Maybe you’ve been skeptical.
Maybe you’ve been curious.
Andrew W. Gordon and Kate L. Bull have been in my realm for a while now, and I’ve had calls with them and gotten to know them more over time. They were rocking the coaching scene for a long time and a few months back I saw a post from Andy saying that they were focusing on a new venture.
He spoke in the post about the ups and downs of coaching – the huge hits of great income followed by months of “OK” income (sometimes barely anything), the wondering whenthe next clients would come in, the stress behind the scenes… it resonated deeply with me had been all too familiar to me over the couple of years since I started my biz; it had been a bit of a roller coaster and I knew that this was SO common – I work with coaches ALL the time who have had the same kind of history.
Andy’s post spoke so openly about their struggles, and the very real possibility of the business that they were about to begin setting them free financially. He’s a very clever guy, and I could tell from his post that it hadn’t been a light decision to change his focus to this brand new venture and that it was a viable thing.
Well, as you might have imagined… the headline is about Kate and Andy’s results since that post. $80K in 3.5 months, and they’re just getting started.

PRETTY IMPRESSIVE seeing as many people spend YEARS, even DECADES in careers and businesses where they don’t even hit $80K in a year.
Since seeing that post, I’ve seen more friends share on Facebook about their own incredible results too – $20K in a month, $100K in 3 months…

The kicker? They’re doing it with a 90% automated system.

Now that is fucking smart.

Having worked in the online space for a few years and been mentored by several millionaires in the online coaching space, there’s one thing I know…. LEVERAGE and automation are the way to win the game. To reach a wider audience, to serve more people, get more clients and make more money with LESS WORK. Literally ticking away while you sleep, while you have lunch with friends or have sessions with clients.
Like what could that kinda money (or even a quarter of it) do in your life?
I know for me, even 4 months ago when I was in a rut, stuck in inaction, doubt and worry (earning barely anything coz I had chosen to stop working and put a pause on coaching to think about my direction), even an extra $2K a month on the side would have meant the world to me.
Total transparency – since seeing that post and talking on the phone about it, I’ve been doing that scared-person-thing for months: watching, waiting, delaying, telling myself I’m too busy right now to take on something else. I gave myself til June – now it’s here – and a part of me is honestly like “Gahhhh….Why didn’t I just start back then? You already knew you were going to do this since September last year!” (When I first heard a bit about it).
I also know that we can only start where we are, and I am f*cking excited to go for it.
There are so many things about this that feel so good to me:
– the automation
– creating another income stream for our household
– helping others to create more income (in the hundreds of people I have worked with, I cannot think of a single person who didn’t have some money problems or want more money.

I’ve learned in biz that the quickest and easiest way to get epic results is to learn from the people who have created those epic results themselves.

I’ve decided to jump in and get on a training that Kate and Andy are running tomorrow on how they have generated $80,000 in the last 3.5 months starting from scratch.
– How they are going to generate multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars through the remainder of this year.
– How they have leveraged a platform that’s 90% automated that’s allowed us to create these results whilst staying in genius and enjoying life.
– And how you and anyone else that desires to, can do exactly the same thing.

At the end of the training, they’ll be selecting and offering to work daily with 10 people over the next 60 days, to support them to making 5 figures a month.

Note from Kate & Andy – “this is not guaranteed. We can show you what we’ve done but it ultimately always comes down to you. You’ll always get out what you put in. What we can guarantee though is to show you exactly how we’ve done this so you can put in the work to create the same or even better results.”

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