Self-sabotage – easier on my own
Procrastination – easier on my own
Not doing what I said I’d do – easier on my own
Taking ages to do nothing – easier on my own
Making excuses – easier on my own

Doing what I said I was going to do
Way easier with someone holding me accountable.

Having clarity on what I want
Way easier with someone holding me accountable.

Continually moving forward on my goals
Way easier with someone holding me accountable.

Hitting goals FAST
Way easier with someone holding me accountable.

Feel the same way?

I’m excited to announce that I’m opening up positions for my Accountability Buddy System once again!

So how does AB work?
Each week (for less than $1US/Day):
– You set 3 targets to work towards using my Winner’s Goal Setting Framework and fit them into your schedule for the week ahead.
– You’ll get a message checking in with how you went with the week’s tasks.
– You’ll report in on whether you did them or not.
– You’ll reflect, recognise the good stuff and also acknowledge where there may be room for improvement.
– You’ll report in on what targets you have set for the week ahead.
This is all done within a private and exclusive space

We utilise my Winner’s Goal Setting Framework in order to:
Clear potential roadblocks before they even occur.
 Get into the energy & identity of what we want to receive & achieve – which is very important for motivation and manifestation.
 Set up new habits and patterns of thought that promote more growth and success in achieving our goals.

AND members also get:
◇◇ Access to a Facebook support group where we will be kicking goals, cheering each other on and celebrating wins.
◇◇Extra trainings on goal setting, moving through self-sabotage etc. so that people have extra tips and tricks to use on their road to success.

However, if you just want some
for staying on track so that you can:
– Hit your goals quicker
– Get outside your comfort zone that little bit more
– Earn more money
– Lose more weight
– Grow your business
– Or Create any kind of change in your life
AB’s got you covered.

B x

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