Why it is important to reflect

If you see something around you that you are not liking. If things are going crazy in your life, if people frustrating you or are acting in a way that you don’t appreciate… LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF. I guarantee that what you will find is this: You are creating the same dynamic somewhere in your life.…

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Why you should emphasize your strengths

Yesterday I was invited to be featured somewhere cool (you’ll see where soon) and I was asked to provide a bio. It’s one of those weird things, isn’t it? Writing all about yourself. It can feel a bit vulnerable and awkward putting yourself out there – especially to a new audience. It can bring up…

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How to hustle the right way

ATTENTION HUSTLERS – YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG The system we live in is extremely screwed up. First there were (and still are way too many) people working 9-5 jobs, thinking that’s the only way. Within THAT system, there were (and still are way too many) workaholics, Working ridiculous amounts of (often unpaid) overtime, Never…

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What does a business coach do?

In October last year I wasn’t doing any 1:1 work at all, Leading From Within was rolling again, with clients getting epic results, I was working with parents, with coaches, leaders & influencers to increase their impact and influence by following their hearts & working smarter in their daily lives – from the inside out.…

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How to be a successful entrepreneur

ARE PEOPLE SKIPPING TED TALKS TO WATCH YOUR CONTENT? My client Jamie Stott received a message earlier this week from someone saying that they used to watch TED Talks every day, now they’re watching her. WHAT A MASSIVE COMPLIMENT – and well deserved, I must say; Watching one of her FB Lives the other day, there was…

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Do you live like a human or an animal?

Lying on the floor with my feet up the wall this morning, My thoughts were rolling through the concepts of “conscious” and “unconscious” thoughts and living, My train of thought led me to realise that Some of you might as well be snails, sheep or rats with the way you’re acting. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I was thinking…

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Seize every opportunity!

Often when I work with clients, They have a sudden realisation: They’re sitting on a goldmine of opportunity. They have opportunities to make more money at their finger tips. They have perfect leads for their business around them. There are oodles of ways to be happier that are easy, free & fun. They already have…

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do what you love

Do what you love!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND A LOT OF IT…and watch out for photobombers while you’re at it! Really though, I’m about to drop a not-so-well-hidden secret…   Having a life you love is achieved by CHOOSING, CREATING & ENJOYING: • moods & attitudes that you love • a mindset that you love • relationships that…

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people say they want more money

What you should do to get more money

Some people say they want more money, But not many are willing to do anything about it. Whenever I travel I am always in awe of what people who need money will do. I saw a documentary When I was in Colombia about Street Vendors there – people selling fruits and foods & all kinds…

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