Closing the door to distraction

You’re multi-tasking most of your day away – eating breakfast, scrolling the feed, watching (or more like listening to) the TV. You’re reading messages and emails while you’re having other conversations, shovelling lunch in as you work away at a job you need to get done (and have revisited three times already). You’re trying so hard…

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Will You Dance To Your Own Beat?

Yesterday I was loving life in a silent disco with my new friend Kalli. I’ll admit, when we first went in, we were both a little uncomfortable, and after 5 mins or so we took off our shoes and got right into it. We were singing into pine needles we’d picked off the ground like…

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Following your heart means breaking it sometimes

  Ending a loving relationship is never easy. Especially without some out of the ordinary event – an argument, someone cheating or doing something wrong. I know first hand. We were in love. We had plans to get married, have children and be together forever, and we meant it. My God, I meant it with…

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Let Go of Grudges, Burdens and Anger Before They (Literally) Destroy You

For years now I have held grudges and kinda kept score to an extent within a relationship with someone very close to me. My patience and tolerance became shorter and shorter and every time I spoke to him I found myself either snappy and frustrated or just having a generally shallow and brief “update”-type conversation.…

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