Do You Dare to Step Out Into The Light?

The whole world was their pond, though they swam in the shadows, staying together for safety and comfort.
Sometimes he would go to the edge and longingly look out across the great expanse that lie before him. “I wonder what it’s like out there… it looks so big. There’s so much going on that I want to be a part of out there.
I could go there. I could just swim forwards right now & find other places, make new friends, learn more about the world”. It seemed so exciting & so easy to do, but could it really be that easy? “Surely not” he’d decide & with that thought, he’d turn back towards his place, swim amongst others who had always lived in the shadows and continue longing to be in the light – hopeful that one day he’d be brave enough to live out his dream.
Don’t stay in the shadows of your fears and your peers, step out into the light & be seen, heard & loved.

Reach the edge & go past it.


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