Don’t be afraid to accept help

When we give, the world wants to give back.

Sometimes I can’t even believe the things that people offer me, do for me and help me with. Twice this week, including today, I’ve had tears in my eyes because I have been so awestruck and grateful about what people (that I barely know) have put in to help me.

Earlier this week, I connected with a leader of an event (who I had never met before) who had gone above and beyond to have me be a part of an event he is running, even convincing his business partner that they needed me (all because he just felt good about what he could see of my work and because I had been recommended by a friend – funnily enough, another person who seemingly came out of nowhere about a year ago and seemed like an angel sent to support and help me).

I found myself almost feeling bad that the guy running the event was facing resistance on his mission to get me – a total stranger – on board. He was going out on a limb for me, for something that would mean a lot more to me and my business than I believe having me on board may mean to his.

I remember being so fiercely “independent” when I was 18, not even allowing my boyfriend at the time to pay for a Big Mac Meal for me. If I wanted something, I would buy it or do it and no one could do anything for me. I’d feel indebted if they did.

I had to remind myself when this guy was “going out of his way” to fight for me that I had created this, I have worked to build my products and brand, I had set the intention in my journalling for this (many times): “People from across the globe reach out to invite me to work with them, to speak at their events…” I had literally asked for it, and there it was.

Today I had booked a pilates class; the first of 3 private lessons in a package with an instructor who had run a dozen or so classes I’ve been to across the year. At the end of the session, the instructor told me that it was her gift to me… a whole personalised pregnant pilates session for free.

Wow! Why?

I was ready and more than willing to pay to work with her.

I’ve become a lot better at receiving (help, gifts, opportunities, money etc) over the years because I understand some things that I never used to:

  1. What we put out, we will receive back (often multiplied). I give and share my gifts and talents for free a lot. I go above and beyond for clients, potential clients, friends and connections in my own ways all the time. Some call it karma, some say “what goes around comes around“, some just understand that we are made of energy (as is everything else on this planet and in this universe), and we will always attract whatever we are on the same energetic frequency as.
  2. What we ask for from that frequency, we will receive. If we set our minds and energy on something, we will get it. (That means whatever state/vibrational frequency we are in by the way… if you’re attracting painful and horrible experiences into your life, I advise checking in with – and changing – your state ASAP).
  3. We are are robbing others of joy when we deny them in giving and sharing with us, and blocking the natural flow of things. There is a beauty in receiving and being a more natural part of the cycle.
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