Feeling Truly Awake

You’re waking up in tropical Bali, feeling TRULY AWAKE,
Alive, aligned and on fire.
Your world has transformed.
There are no walls or barriers.

The gaps have been bridged
and you now see clearly that
Things beyond your wildest dreams

Are actually RIGHT THERE
In your very near reality.

Over the past three days
You’ve aligned your body, mind & spirit
With your life’s true purpose.

Your beliefs, your relationships and
Your work have clicked over into total flow
You’ve released the resistance,
Washed away fears, doubts and worries

And all that remains is your beautiful,
Bold, Authentic Truth

You’re back!

You’ve reawkened the empowered creator

That you always knew you were.

You’ve laughed, you’ve cried,
You’ve bonded on a deep, unexplainable level with soulmate friends
You’re part of a beautiful new family of
people who GET you,
Who see your greatness, support you and
Hold you accountable to being your best self.

It’s been like a dream,

Everything is so perfect,

And you know that when you leave,
This dream life is coming with you.
You have all you need now
The tools,
The answers,
The belief,
The motivation.

This is just the beginning of
The next level
In your income,
Your health,
Your lifestyle,

Your total freedom.

It’s already yours.


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