How to be a successful entrepreneur

My client Jamie Stott received a message earlier this week from someone saying that they used to watch TED Talks every day, now they’re watching her.
WHAT A MASSIVE COMPLIMENT – and well deserved, I must say; Watching one of her FB Lives the other day, there was so much gold that you’d have to rewatch it and take notes to get all of the nuggets out of there and into your life!

I see so many entrepreneurs out there making the mistake of
– being scared of giving “too much” value away for free
– rambling on in their live feeds and not having a point to their stories or broadcasts
– posting irrelevant stuff
– posting complaints/bitching/negative crap
– asking stupid questions just to get engagement
– being Mini-Me/wannabe versions of the people they look up to rather than showing their true selves and what THEY have to offer

When you post quality content that shows:
– your authentic self
– your expertise
– your willingness and enthusiasm to share with others
In a particular way (yes, my clients use a special formula and their own creative genius)
Your feed becomes addictive. People get value day after day. People love you and what you do (and those who don’t tune out).

You have SO MUCH MORE FUN because you’re not trying to fit in a box,
You get to talk about what you’re good at,

What you love

And you’re not trying to remember and regurgitate some crap as if it’s yours
Feeling like a fake or fraud.

Being you and posting quality that reflects the quality of your infinite greatness
is relieving, it’s freeing, and I guarantee it brings you clients with WAY MORE EASE!

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