How to hustle the right way


The system we live in is extremely screwed up.
First there were (and still are way too many) people working 9-5 jobs, thinking that’s the only way.
Within THAT system, there were (and still are way too many) workaholics,
Working ridiculous amounts of (often unpaid) overtime,
Never switching off,
Barely having time to do ANYTHING except eat, sleep and work.

Fortunately, we’re currently living in the BEST era EVER
As far as choosing WHATEVER YOU WANT for your career, lifestyle and income…
You hustlers know this – it’s WHY you’re working so hard.
So many other suckers are leaving money on the table
And there you are,
Grinding and gaining,
Heading for the peak.

But hustler, what the F IS your peak?

Your priorities are on the grind and the hustle,
And you’re so busy, and WIRED
That you can’t actually see what’s most important.
You are so deep in the daily hustle,
You don’t even look at the end game.
You lose sleep,
Your body is jacked up on
Caffeine and cortisol,
You’re running on adrenalin
Every Single Day.
WOO – it’s a rush – it feels exciting!
Results are rolling and you never want them to stop.
It’s a thrill, right?
Yeah, it’s awesome prematurely killing your body through stress.
“I’m not stressed”
You say.
But your body and mind would say otherwise.
Your family miss you,
and you tell yourself
“This is for them.
ONE DAY I will have time for them”
Even when you’re “off”, you’re actually still “on”.
Your phone’s with you at all times,
Your mind never leaves the hustle
You find it unproductive to “do nothing”
and just hang with friends.
You don’t read to enjoy or relax,
You read to get more info,
To learn to move faster,
Hustle harder and push harder.

And eventually,
So many hustlers uplevel to being
Extreme hustlers –
You never want to sit still.
Relaxing is undeniably a total waste of time.
The beach is for dreamers.
You’re an ACHIEVER.
You actually never plan to stop hustling
Movement and always pushing forward IS LIFE.

Hustler, WTF is that about?

When you were a kid,
You never dreamed of working 10-18hr days –
You dreamed of doing what lit you up,
What seemed interesting and important and exciting to you;
You wanted to do what would help others.
And yes – you are an adult now,
Things ARE different now,
You might even be in the right game
To live a life of passion,
But the reality is,
You’re not.

You have no end game.
No enjoyment outside of the hit that each goal gives you
(If you’re even allowing yourself to feel proud).
You have no freedom.
You’ve created yourself a prison
WAY WORSE than the 9-5
And you’ve tricked yourself into thinking that it’s what you want.

While you’re working towards being 60 years old
(If stress doesn’t kill you before that)
With this as your story:

“I worked and I worked HARD,
I made money,
I built an empire,
I learned and achieved and grew,
I barely had family time,
I didn’t have time to enjoy a good chat with a friend,
I don’t really remember what that’s like.
I missed being there for so many important moments
in my favourite people’s lives.
I never had time to enjoy the money I made.
I never celebrated the milestones,
I never felt happy with where I was,
I always wanted more.
Enough was never enough.
I look back now and realise that
I mistreated and abused my body and mind
By pushing them to their extremities as
I made them the work-horse slaves to my empire
So, here I am at 80,
Dealing with the physical and mental consequences,
Realising now that I don’t know what it’s like to enjoy a moment
Coz I have always focused on the next one.
I struggle to unwind,
I can’t let go.
I never had fun, coz I thought it was just a distraction.
I just wanted to do good and love my life,
And now I’ve hustled it all away.”

We’re playing in a leveraged world.
If you don’t draw a line
If you don’t create an end game,
A point where you STOP,
Where you’ve systemised
And leveraged,
A point where you can step back,
Wind the hours of input down
As the results and income rise and grow,
You’re playing to lose.

If you don’t celebrate your success,
You’re NEVER going to enjoy,
You’re never going to have
The satisfaction you seek.

If you’re pushing yourself to the max,
Kidding yourself that THAT’S the way to live the fullest life,
You’re working yourself into an early grave.

If hustling for life is all you want and care about,
You’re doing it all wrong.

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