How to set your mind for success: the AB system

How are you going with all those things you told yourself you’d do this year?

Some done, some not?

Woah, woah, woah! Hold it right there!

Before you look at all the stuff left to do, let your heart sink, start feeling bad, beating yourself up and bowing your head in disappointment, look at what you have achieved.

You’re a high achiever and set yourself a lot of big targets. If you’ve ticked some off the list, awesome! If you’ve started progressing towards something, awesome! If you know you could have been there by now and aren’t,

I get it.

It’s easy to feel upset, frustrated, disappointed and somewhat hopeless.

Some of you have started and given up. You hoped no one would ask you about it, and here I am on your news feed asking about it.

Sometimes all we need to keep on track with something is someone else checking in. It helps us. It motivates us. We like to be able to tell them: “Yes, I’m on track!”, “Yes, I’m giving it my best!”, “Yes, it’s done!” And high-achievers, sometimes we need to go easier on ourselves, to avoid overwhelm and burnout and break things down into bite-sized chunks.

Earlier this year, I had a cool thought while chatting to a friend… “What if there was a simple system that people could use to:

  • Set themselves up for success week in, week out
  • Have personal check-ins once a week that didn’t cost them much?
  • Be part of a community who are kicking goals, celebrating with them and cheering them on?

What difference would that make to their lives and results?”

And then, my friends, AB was born;

A simple system where you can do just that!

So how does AB work?
Each week:

  • You set 3 Game Changing targets to work towards so that you’re focused on the things that are going to bring you the results.
  • You’re guided to fit them into your schedule for the week ahead (Winners are masters of time)
  • You’ll get a message checking in with how you went with the week’s tasks.
  • You’ll share what goals you kicked (and any you may not have completed 100%)
  • You’ll reflect, recognise the good stuff and also acknowledge where there may be room for improvement.
  • You’ll share your targets you have set for the week ahead
  • Along with me and the other members, you’ll celebrate your wins, lessons and growth and progress!

I’ll share my Winner’s Goal Setting Framework with you so that you can:

  • Clear potential roadblocks before they even occur.
  • Get into the energy and identity of what you want to receive and achieve – which is very important for motivation and manifestation.
  • Set up new habits and patterns of thought that promote more growth and success in achieving our goals.

AB members also get:

  • Access to a private support group where we’ll be kicking goals, cheering each other on and celebrating wins with other legends.
  • Extra trainings on goal setting, moving through self-sabotage etc. so that they have extra tips and tricks to use on their road to success.

All this is just $27US a month, if you make moves now and get in on the launch offers.

This is Accountability with some extra bonuses. I want to take a second to make it clear that this is not a private coaching service*. They’re different things. This is for people who know what they want and want accountability for moving forward and keeping momentum.

However, if you just want some
for staying on track so that you can:

  • Hit your goals quicker
  • Get outside your comfort zone that little bit more
  • Earn more money
  • Lose more weight
  • Grow your business
  • Create any kind of change in your life

AB’s got you covered.

“Get started here”

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