How to stop worrying

how life should be

It didn’t smell like much,
But just the act of
Breathing in deeply
And sighing out
Was wonderful.

The pic’s a bit out of focus,
But clearly captures
The peace, love & relaxation
That I felt that day.

That day was magical;
Hiking through the lush jungle,
Discovering waterfalls,
Crossing wooden footbridges
Above fresh, flowing rivers…

Reaching the mountain top
And lying on the green grass
Admiring the rainbow of flowers that speckled the peak,
Watching the clouds roll in like a fog around the tree tops,
Seeing a valley of the tallest
Palms in the world,
Watching an orange ball of fire
Paint the clouds as it
Sunk in the sky.

Riding at the back of a jeep
In light, refreshing rain,
Chatting about life and travel,
We were all without a care
in the world.

It’s like there was no future
There was no past,
There was nothing outside of the moment.

Everything was in perspective.
Everything was perfect.
Everything was so crystal clear.

Troubles & problems didn’t exist,
Rules & expectations rendered useless
By our freedom from them.

There was just BEING.
There was just LIVING.
There was just LOVE.

This is how life should be.

And in writing this,
I’ve realised that this is where
I help people get to
Bit by bit.

People take drugs for this kind of
Freedom, perspective and ecstasy,
But you can access it naturally
If you know how.

If you’ve never lived like this,
If you don’t feel total freedom,
Complete clarity
And freedom from tension & worry
In your life day to day

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