I first discovered the power of intentional laughter during a team-building group Laughter Yoga session at my workplace in 2009. I LOVED the playfulness and freedom within it and decided then and there to become qualified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

In 2016 when I started my online coaching business from scratch (a  brand new business in a brand new industry), I struggled financially, mentally and emotionally. I had also come off the birth control pill and was having an identity-crisis, my head filled with negative thoughts and doubts that seemed out of character for me... or was this the real and natural me?

I became extremely anxious and knew that laughter could help me shift the nagging buzz in my body as well as clearing my mind. I committed to doing a laughter session every day and it shifted me back into a more positive, functional and familiar way of thinking, living and being.

Fascinated by the effects of laughter, I have since undertaken other courses for different laughter modalities including Laughnosis - a combination of laughter and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques used for positive change, and Laughter Wellness - a more mindful and empowering version of Laughter Yoga, focused on building positive energy through various exercises, not just laughter. I have used laughter and laughter practices increasingly in my coaching work and found it to be an extremely powerful addition for many reasons (see 5 of them here).




"I am a regular at Bondi Beach Laughter and on Saturday Bianca facilitated the group. I attend laughter sessions to unwind and reset after a busy week. Bianca lead the group through a number of laughter and breathing exercises and then laughter meditation. The class was interactive and a lot of fun.  We laugh because we want to and there was a lot of genuine heartfelt laughter in the room.


By the end of the class I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from me and that I could do anything.... even catch a rainbow.

Thank you Bianca for an excellent class and experience."


Lisa Carroli - Testimonial for Bianca Spears Laughter

Layla Subhani & Marie Bassil - founders, Home of Integrated Wellbeing, CA, USA

When Layla Subhani and Marie Bassil, founders of the Home of Integrated Wellbeing in California, invited me to run a guest session via Skype for their local clients, I was like HECK YEAH, LET'S DO IT! 😀 Here's what the ladies have to say about their experience of the session.

It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Bianca Spears, for the marvellous Laughter Wellness sessions Bianca facilitates. These sessions run at such as smooth pace, flowing freely with Bianca’s ease and down to Earth nature allowing one to feel right at home in all the play and fun games that allow for laughter and joy to bubble over, spontaneously. It is an awesome fun experience accompanied by lasting wellness that I just can’t get enough of! I really recommend this, and am gratefully appreciative of all Bianca offers.


Kyle Lipton, Transformational Coach & Speaker, Los Angeles, USA

"It was a bit uncomfortable at first, I've gotta be honest, and as time progressed, it was this beautiful feeling of being able to let go more and more"

Roberta Alexander, Founder of Top Living International, Australia

"Bianca was an amazing leader. To do this testimony got me quite excited actually, because [the laughter yoga session with Bianca] was a game changer for me. What I found most out of the sessions that has still stuck with me to this day has been when it has kicked in when I have needed it... when the days get tough, I go "Laugh about it"... shift that energy, and that really is helpful."

Anelis, Inés & Ella, Adelaide, Australia

Attendees of my Mind-Body Connection Workshop in LA

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