Life is great!

5 years ago yesterday, the guy who didn’t like to label relationships made us a #FacebookOfficial couple by taking my phone to accept his own request  as if I would have said no…

Every day that I wake up with him in my life,
Life is great!

It’s been such an amazing 5 years with an interstate move to bring us closer,
Moving in together,
Us feeling out how the scruffy, untidy lady could live with the OCD dude,
How the little things that drove the other person nuts could be changed or laughed about or dealt with.
There’s been compromise and compassion
There’ve been misunderstandings and miscommunications
There have been furious moments and fantastic moments.
There have been the odd days
where one of us is just in some kinda funk and is very hard to deal with (that was me today – and he let me know it – sorry Amor!).
There’s been a lot of laughing at eachother, with eachother and at ourselves.
We’ve bounced between having long distances and long stretches of time apart to
The “norm” at home of working & living under the same roof day in and day out.

We share passion and points of view for some things
And disagree totally on others.

My playfulness has rubbed off on him
And his structure and discipline has rubbed off on me.

We have no official start date
For our relationship
And celebrate a couple of anniversaries – this one is just the one Facebook kept track of for us!

We’ve shared adventures across Australia and 9 other countries together so far and I know there will be so many more.

Here’s to love
Here’s to our love,
To us and
To you Chris Freebs
Here’s to more adventure,
More triumphs through challenging times,
More fun & play,
More growth together and as individuals.

I love you more than words can express!

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