Hungover? Nope. Sick? Nope. Giving my body and mind the rest they deserve? ABSOLUTELY.

This morning after an early and intense work out with Layla Subhani & her Personal Trainer, we had an awesome & nutrition-filled breakfast. Layla headed straight to work & I came straight back to bed.

I slept another 3 hours or so, did some deep restoration & manifestation work at the same time, and have been ‘laxin’ here since.
Today’s focus is R&R… sometimes a very difficult focus for a busy achiever, though I will go with it. I know I

It’s incredible the difference sleep makes in your life. When you wake up feeling fresh, calm, focused and energised, life is more wonderful. Parents, people working big weeks with little sleep, insomniacs, achievers, passion-driven game changers, late night lovers… you know what I’m talking about! 

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