The REAL you

Is the “you” that you show up as every day the REAL you,
Or are you living from behind an elaborate mask?

How to tell if it’s really you:
✓✓ You truly want to do what you are doing
(if you’re starting to convince yourself or reason here, or it’s a “kind of”, it’s really a no). ✓✓ You’re not compromising your dreams for anyone or anything.
✓✓ You can really be yourself around everyone – mentors, clients, grandparents, strangers, lovers, colleagues.
✓✓ You love the people around you – your team, family & friends and feel like they totally “get” who you truly are.
✓✓ You FEEL GOOD about yourself and life. ✓✓ You didn’t need to convince yourself that you could say “yes” to any of these points.

It hurts to hide.

It hurts to be only
or 80%
or even just 95% of the TRUE YOU.

It’s awkward, uncomfortable, painful, frustrating and restrictive
When your natural state is
to express,
to choose,
to shine,
to thrive
and BE free.

It’s time to shed the layers.
It’s time to take the lead.

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