What does a business coach do?

In October last year I wasn’t doing any 1:1 work at all,
Leading From Within was rolling again, with clients getting epic results,
I was working with parents, with coaches, leaders & influencers to increase their impact and influence by following their hearts & working smarter in their daily lives – from the inside out.
I was loving it and it had been going really well for a good stretch of time.

But I felt called to do something else too,
It pulled at me from inside
There were gifts and talents and knowledge
Screaming to be let out to play.
It grew stronger & louder by the day.
By December I’d been working 1:1 with a lady in Laughter,
And loved the 1:1 aspect, but I’d developed a burning desire to
Work closely with coaches, healers, artists & entrepreneurs
In a coaching and mentoring sense
To move past the “side business” or “passion-project”
And start having a profitable passion BUSINESS –
You know, one with systems and an actual stream of clients and income,
Rather than random dribs and drabs.

When I started working with Ryan Schroter
To elevate his Healing biz from what he says was just “an idea” at the time
To setting up his systems and having PAYING CLIENTS in just weeks,
He was thrilled,
So was I.

This year I have chosen to work with a musician and a handful of very dedicated people who are starting out in coaching.

I was no less thrilled and excited when Thatja Andrade
Made her first high-end coaching sale after one week at the start of this month

And of course I was thrilled to
Wake up this morning to see another brand new client
Made his first sale in his new coaching biz
Literally 7 days after we first connected!!

Are you seeing a trend here?
Our partnership + my systems & guidance + their commitment & action taking = FAST & real results.

I’ve had an incredible journey
To get to where I am in
My coaching biz & in my life,
I’ve invested years & over $50,000
Over the past 4 years “figuring this stuff out”.
I’ve been coached, mentored and trained by leaders in Mindset and Spiritual coaching…
It’s been a winding and often up and down path.

I’ve learned first hand about stuff that I can now teach:
♢♢ Generating an abundance of FREE, qualified leads
♢♢ Setting people up to get awesome results
♢♢ Being the real YOU (not a clone, copy or fake) in your biz & brand.
♢♢ Making the sales with EASE (With you and the client feeling awesome and excited, not icky or weird)
♢♢ Moving past money mindset and worth blocks – sales in MY OWN biz was wayyyy harder at first than the sales I’d smashed out for years with other companies… gotta up level your identity 😉
♢♢ Setting up leveraged systems that allow you more time, more leads, more ease, more income.
♢♢ Outsourcing & setting up a team
♢♢ Creating addictive content
♢♢ Creating GOLDEN programs, retreats & offerings that are oozing with value, yet easy to digest, understand and implement for the clients (I did overwhelm some people at the start).
♢♢ Receiving awesome testimonials
♢♢ Dealing with being in the public eye – haters, creepers and everything inbetween
♢♢ Writing & launching books
♢♢ Getting featured in international media
♢♢ Being known as an authority in your field
♢♢ Getting into PROFIT before spending on websites, advertising etc. “You’ve gotta spend money to make money” is not true.
And so much other techy stuff that overwhelmed me & I should have outsourced from the start.

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