Why hustling can be bad for you

I used to wait til I was broken
and burnt out to rest, recharge and love on myself.
I waited til I was mentally fried to take time to “do nothing”,
Because down-time felt lazy and unproductive
I used to feel like all of my time had to be maximised
by doing SOMETHING.
It was go, go, go,
It’s like life was too short to just stop & hang back.
Whether I was at home,
Visiting family interstate or
Travelling abroad,
I’d jam-pack my days with Activities, work, catch ups,
Sight-seeing, eating, learning,
Creating, doing, producing.
I thought that busy was best.

With all the things I’ve learned
Over the years about our mindsets, energy and how to
have the lives we actually want,
I have recently come to a point
Where I realise that there’s NOTHING more important than down-time.
It provides a mental, physical, emotional break from all else;
It’s where energy is revitalised,
Where creativity blossoms from,
Where freedom is enjoyed.

It helps us to:
☆★ enjoy life more
(rather than delaying our happiness/relaxation til we’ve done that thing).
☆★ step back and gain perspective
☆★ make what’s truly important in life a priority
☆★ keep all the elements our life in balance
☆★ slow our thoughts and make sense of them, providing clarity and understanding.

Now that I prioritise having time to recharge,
I can’t imagine NOT doing it!

Like, really,
If more relaxing =
+ Less stress
+ Less time wasted being ineffective
+ More productivity
+ More creativity
+ More inner peace
+ More fun

Why would I make myself
that I have no down time at all? #downtimeftw

If you’re like me
And have spent years
In this “busy” cycle,
Feeling guilty about taking time to yourself,
It takes some getting used to.
You’ve gotta retrain your mind and body,
But once you get there
It just gets better and better 😀

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