Join Stacy Hackett and I for a deeply transformative weekend in a stunning Bondi villa. 
Reconnect to your inner wisdom, power and fire, move through the limitations and restrictions that are keeping you stuck and reignite your passion, drive, focus and motivation for the decade ahead.


Through my laughter services, I help clients to:
- Release stress and anxiety
- Boost their moods and immune systems
- Rewire their unconscious minds
- Create new patterns of thought and behaviour
- Become clearer of mind
- Increase confidence and creativity
- Raise their vibration
- Manifest more



I just have to say how radiant I feel, I feel this ball of yellow energy coming straight from my core, lighting up every molecule in my body, it's AMAZING, it feels SO GOOD!
Struggling with depression and then having this amazing light just light up my entire self and soul it's incredible, I can't wait to do more. Thank you so much!


"[The laughter yoga session with Bianca] was a game changer for me. What I found most out of the sessions that has still stuck with me to this day has been when it has kicked in when I have needed it... when the days get tough, I go "Laugh about it"... shift that energy, and that really is helpful."


Personal One on One Coaching and Mentoring

I work with go-getters, people hungry to create change for themselves and in the world around them. I work with people who have a big vision - leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries.
Helping them to connect to their true essence and create their lives rather than fumbling around on default, we knock down barriers, build positive new habits and align their identity, mindset and vibration to their vision, allowing them to become a more unlimited, confident, successful, happy and abundant version of themselves.

Bianca Spears - Empowerment Coach

I am big on partnering with my private clients; I am their partner in their troubles, in their businesses, in their relationships, their health, their careers and their lives. I am not just there in sessions, but can be called on between sessions too. Because of the level of commitment involved (on my part and theirs), private coaching and mentoring is only offered to a select few people at one time and is via application only.


I specialising in getting new and existing online businesses up and into profit rapidly and cost-effectively. My work with clients includes clearly defining their brand and target market, organic lead generation, sales strategies and sales confidence, unpaid content marketing, product and offer creation, brand exposure and more.

The personal side of business and life is an important factor too, helping clients through money blocks, limitations in belief and identity redefinition so that they can be a high-earning, successful business person for life.

"In my second week of working with her, I had two consecutive $3K weeks, which was my goal..."


"My business tripled within the month..."



"Within the first couple of weeks of working with Bianca, I'd already made two sales, which is something I'd wanted to do for a long time."


Whether it's rediscovering themselves after a breakup, deepening their self-love and self-belief or moving through fears, I love to help people to consciously redefine their lives, who they are and what they are capable of.

Before Bianca's coaching, I was basically a frustrated musician... I'm now looking at the very real possibility of doing that (music) for a living within about 3-4 months.
I've also seen benefits in my finances, my relationships and just [have] a whole feeling of peace across the board of my life.

I was in despair. My relationship was crumbling and along with that so was I. I felt so lost. So powerless. So desperate.
Bianca guided me back to who I really am. I felt the winds of hope. That I can indeed build my dream life and I can CHOOSE how I want my life to play out.

I am pleased to say that I am back.


"For the first time in my entire life, I was able to look into a mirror and love the reflection that was shining back at me "

Free From Fear Challenge with Bianca Spears

7-Day Free From Fear Challenge

Fear is always with you. It lives in your mind and your body and more than 90% of the world are running on Fear Default and wondering why they don't have the results they want in their life.

In this powerful 7 days we'll explore and release fear in the body and the mind. I'll teach you powerful processes to heal fear and gain clarity
Plus we'll create an antidote for fear, leaving you with

+ more confidence
+ more clarity around what you want
+ more control of your response to fear
+ more choice in your life

Get your free copy of

"The World is Yours: 8 Steps to Achieving Everything You Want"

right now.

The World Is Yours - book by Bianca Spears
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