Develop and transform yourself

If a baby can, why aren’t you? 

~ 8 weeks vs 24 weeks ~
Pregnancy has fascinated me and highlighted one of life’s big truths: transformation can happen rapidly.
In this short time, the little one transforming from a limbless, brainless embryo (that looked quite alien like) into a thriving, kicking well-formed baby human. Some weeks he’s basically doubled in size. He’s developed cartilage and bones, grown hair and fingernails, vital organs, moved from webbed hands and feet to having toes and fingers, he moves his mouth, swallows and has started developing nerve cells for the five senses.

Babies develop and change incredibly fast, and so can we, so can our relationships, our health, our businesses.

What else has changed in the last 4 months?

Freebs and I moved into a house of our own that borders a National Park 😍🌳🏠

My other baby (my biz) has transformed and grown lot too; I’ve taken on 3 new team members and been through the challenges of recruiting & hiring, and have handed over more responsibility and trust than ever; it’s an exciting and scary time.

I’ve completed a 3 month Laughter Wellness certification, and landed a high-paying gig already.

I’ve personally coached more than 60 people & seen them transform rapidly through our work. People have:

  •  Gone from 40+years of never knowing or feeling self-love and hating her body to breaking through & showing and feeling self-love in a 30min process with me.
  •  Busted though money beliefs & transformed values with me in an hour and having more than $10K sent their way that day.
  •  Gone from having a brand new business & no clients to a clearly defined offer & niche & a $13K client in 3 weeks of our coaching.
  •  Shifted from struggling to get leads (and paying $150 for just 1 lead 😮😥) to getting 10 free leads off a single post within a few days. 😎😁🙌
  •  Moved in a single session from being lost & confused to crystal clear & confident in their vision, direction & next steps of action.

Could you also be zooming towards the life, money and reality that you want faster?
They are & I guarantee that you can too.
If you want to know how, let’s chat.

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