Why you should express your unexpressed feelings, emotions, thoughts

What’s been left unsaid in your life?

So often the appreciation, love, respect, anger, frustration and disappointment that we feel are not communicated verbally. We don’t say sorry as much as we may feel it for the things we’ve done wrong or the things we regret.

Even if we don’t think we did anything that warrants an apology, but others do, saying sorry in a genuine way can heal broken relationships. Listen in on your mind right now; if you’re thinking “I’m not saying sorry when I didn’t do anything!” or “they should be saying sorry to me!” – notice where this is coming from: your ego or your best self?

We often resist letting go, and at the end of a life, there’s often forgiveness left ungiven and unshared. There’s unresolved resentment and anger and frustration that could have been let go of (in a moment) years ago that remain in the minds, hearts and bodies of those who’ve passed on.

Sometimes it’s impossible for us to share all of the unsaid things with people. Often it’s hard to do it in a way where we can be heard and acknowledged.

What is possible is to share those things with that person in an experience that we create.

I just went through a process that can sometimes be quite intense, but goes deep in expressing the unexpressed, releasing the suppressed thoughts and emotions. It always goes deep and clears up energy around a certain person, and at the same time, indirectly and powerfully clears blocks around so many other amazing things

It always feels like a massive weight has been lifted and that things are freer and easier. It always leads to shifts in other areas, because you open up new pathways for things to flow.

Suppressed thoughts and emotions are honestly dangerous for our physical and mental wellbeing, and I guarantee you that you are holding back on way more than you even realise right now.

Express the unexpressed – the love, the thanks, the sorrow, the forgiveness and you will know the joy and relief it brings. Keep it in and, well, you’re already experiencing the resistance & pain it creates.

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