How to achieve “perfection”

Things aren’t always as easy as they seem.

~ #TBT that time I went to Harvard and tried the Bend & Snap ~

In the movies (and let’s be real, even on people’s Facebooks and Instagrams), things look fabulous.

They look easy and graceful and fun.

People’s lives look like dreams.

Everyone looks like they’re having the best time ever, achievements come out of *nowhere*, success is “overnight”

– when does that EVER happen in real life? NEVER!

So much of the time we sit there wondering:

“Why the f*** is it so easy for them and so hard for me to find clients/earn 6 figures/go travelling all the time/look as awesome as they do in every pic?”,

“Why can’t I make it work?”

“How do they do it?”

Let me just remind you that what we see on any screen is edited content (meaning it’s been carefully selected to be shown to us. Live videos are live, yes, but they’re not showing every second of that person’s day from an unbiased perspective… there’s no such thing as an unbiased perspective – the news builds it’s hype on it’s sensationalised perspectives, brands are built on carefully selected perspectives, our brains filter our experience of the world based on our perspectives.

People work to build these perfect looking lives or these reputations that they have, the money that they are creating.

The blood, sweat and tears over the years are often hidden away and the glory is broadcast.

We weren’t broadcast J.K Rowling’s journey as she was rejected by publishers time

and time and time again

when she wanted Harry Potter published.

We didn’t know who the hell Michael Jordan was when he couldn’t even dunk a basketball and didn’t even make the team in school.

We don’t get to see most models, personalities, celebs or business owners when they’ve got scruffy hair, smudged makeup (or no make up).

Everyone struggles. Everyone has setbacks and learns lessons. Skills are developed and refined, not dished out at birth.

Not everything is as always as easy or perfect as it looks.

Oh and one more thing. That stuff you see? While it’s not as perfect or easy as it may look, you can do it.

You can be it. You can have it. You can achieve it.

You can create anything you want.

B x

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