How to be a real entrepreneur

One of the biggest revelations I have had in learning about business and entrepreneurship is this:
I was looking at things upside down before.
I thought that the backwards way was THE way. 
Soooo many people have it all back-to-front too;

– Many people think you have to work HARD to earn good money. I want to share a story with you which is related to this picture – I’m sure you were wondering why I’m half naked upside down on a couch…
I used to do lingerie waitressing. What’s that? Well, I would go to people’s tables, ask if they wanted drinks, take their money to the bar, get their drinks, deliver them to their table and get a tip PLUS the hourly rate I used to get. I used to easily make (and usually exceed) $1/minute in tips. Oh, and yes, I was in lingerie while I did that.
Hard? No! The work was so easy and I’d make money so fast. What about the sleazy guys?
What about the fact that you were half naked?
What about when you were offered by strangers and your agency at times to earn EXTRA money to go topless?
Aha! Right, so yes, WITH the right attitude and mindset, WITH my boundaries drawn, WITH confidence and total self love and respect, it was easy. It was actually a lot of fun most of the time. Yet if you didn’t have the foundations set up – just like in anything – it WOULD be hard work.

In a week, I’d work three or four THREE HOUR SHIFTS,
So 9-12 hours a week, which would typically leave me with $500-$1,000 and 156+hrs a week to work on my passions – a nutritional product business and travel blogging. I had the freedom to be at the beach during the week, to have lunch at home every day with my partner and to work on things that excited me most. The waitressing gig was the TOOL that provided me the time and financial backing to build up the things I was working towards.

I’ll never forget the day where someone said to me while I was waitressing “You’re too smart to be doing this, you could get a really good job somewhere”

This guy was in a suit and clearly worked in an office, so I was ready for some stuck-in-the-system kind of response like “law” or “finance”, or AT LEAST “an executive assistant” when I asked him:
“What kind of thing do you think I should be doing?”
He responded (in all seriousness): “Well you could get a really great receptionist job or something”

Really? That’s what you’ve got for me as a smarter option?!

I was shocked and laughing on the inside. I actually hoped he was joking but could see that he HONESTLY thought that would be better or SMARTER.

I could barely contain my sarcasm: “Oh wow, so instead of working 12 hours a week, choose the shifts I want to work and the ones I don’t, spending the rest of the time building up a business, doing EXACTLY what I want, enjoying the sunshine and loving life, I could be stuck inside working FORTY hours answering phones and doing shitty errands for someone else and earn around the same amount of money?!   ”
He was about to nod his head… but was clearly confused about why I looked SO amused.
“I’d rather put a gun to my head!” I laughed.

This guys’ perspective sounds absolutely OUTRAGEOUS – like ALL of it, however I know that this attitude and way of thinking is so, SO common and if you’re in his boat, think again, friend.
In business and as an entrepreneur:
Do the work that DOES count.
LEVERAGE your time, money and energy.
Live your life for YOU and what you want – it’s all as easy or hard as you make it.

– Many entrepreneurs think you have to dress, speak and ACT a certain way to be PROFESSIONAL, and unless you are “professional”, you won’t be successful
I KNOW now that you can just be your frickin’ self – goofy, scruffy, making mistakes and being real.
IN ACTUAL FACT, I’ve realised that you will have MORE success the MORE authentic, unfiltered and vulnerable you are.

– People think that the lower the risk, the safer things are and the better off you are.
Look at some of the biggest business people in the world.
ALL of them have risked failure, risked losing something or someone, risked rejection and judgment.
Many of them have gone bankrupt and come back from it stronger.

– Many people think “You have to spend money to make money” EHHHHHHH WRONNNNNGGGG on so many levels
2 quick levels off the top of my head:
1. You can get sooooo much done organically/free of finacial investment. I personally know someone who scaled her business to a MILLION dollars before she invested in advertising. I have personally pulled in tens of thousands at a time with zero money down.
2. If you’re out to “spend”, you will just spend. Forking out money can bring nothing. An INVESTMENT is what brings the returns, an investment will often involve focus, time and energy too – not just money.

– Many people think (and I used to too) that you have to get EVERYTHING set up, put allllll the time and money into getting the program and the website and the venue for your event ready BEFORE you can make money.
Similar to above… BE WISE about where you are INVESTING your resources.
WHY would I pour hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars into booking a venue when no tickets have been bought for an event and it’s something I have NEVER run before? Why would I pour hours of my life, time and energy into building programs that I may not get clients for?
What if I turned my focus to promoting the event or program and getting people to it and GETTING INTO PROFIT FIRST?
I’d have
 less pressure
 more security in the fact that the event IS going ahead and there IS a market out there who want it
 more energy focused on producing results rather than doing unneccessary admin stuff that may not end up being needed (should the event not take off).
This is a secret (which now seems SO blatantly obvious) strategy I have learned from millionaire mentors – focus on what matters and get into profit first.

There is SOOOOO much misdirected energy in biz, which leads me to this:
– People think that there is such a thing as competition, and that in order to stay ahead, they need to COMPETE.
If you have a unique brand, business and offering and you share and offer loads of value, you can just do YOUR THING.
At the end of the day, people will choose to work with the coach, consultant, network marketer, painter, they align most with.
Will you miss out on stingy clilents who choose based on price? …. let me ask you this – do you really want to work with those people ANYWAY? In my experience, and I see it in my bf’s architecture biz and in SOOOOOOOOOO many industries, people who prioritise price dishonour the value of the service or product they are getting.
It’s actually weird, coz the more people invest financially, the more time, energy, love, care etc. etc. they will commit to it.
If you still don’t believe me, answer this – if someone got a free ticket to a concert and they felt sick, do you think they’d care as much about forfeiting their ticket as they would if they paid $1,500 for it?
Exactly. Let them go. There are plenty of fish in the sea who ACTUALLY value themselves and your services who are a way better match.

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