How to control your mind (The Leading From Within program)

There are a few very golden points in this video

  • You can’t focus or concentrate on something you don’t understand
  • Life is a manifestation of where you focus your energy


PLUS a simple explanation of awareness & the mind.

This is what we discuss in the 8 week Leading From Within journey, where leaders, parents & entrepreneurs learn self mastery and how to create whatever they want in life through first understanding themselves and the systems that are at play in their minds and lives.

We dive in depth into:

  • the mechanics of manifestation
  • how the mind works
  • and exactly why energy and vibration are so important to be conscious of,

so that you can understand and use the systems that are at play to your advantage, rather than unknowingly having them run your life.

We are:

  • reactivating your intuition
  • creating a stronger, more positive mindset
  • shifting deep-rooted limiting beliefs forever
  • rewiring your mind, body and energy for success
  • uplevelling your identity, lifestyle and results

If you want:

  • the ability to craft & design your life
  • total ease and clarity in decision making
  • 10 x more choice & freedom
  • the ability to achieve more through doing less (more money, clients, ideas – whatever you choose – just flowing in #byebyestruggle)
  • to live in authentic alignment with your highest self
  • to create a life of passion & purpose and follow your soul’s calling.
  • more compassion and love for yourself and others
  • to set an example of how an incredible life is lived for yourself and your family
  • to make a difference in this world and leave a legacy


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B x

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