Listen to your intuition

One year ago I landed in Guatemala with zero plan as to what the heck I was going to do when I left the airport.
I’d just come out of an incredible month in the US and caught my first ever first class flights.
I was high on life, I was open, I was inspired, I was ready for whatever adventure I chose.

After grabbing my luggage, I followed my heart to Antigua and began what was an amazing journey and over six weeks in that beautiful country.

I climbed the volcano you can see in the background (which I thought was a mountain when I took this video) – one of the hardest things I have ever done,
I studied Spanish intensely for 3 weeks,
I lived with a Spanish-speaking family (also very difficult to begin with),
I wandered and explored in awe,
I challenged myself mentally and physically,
I made some amazing friends,
I captured scorpions that were in my bedroom,
I ran a workshop for Spanish-speakers,
I drank cacao,
I danced,
I learned and grew and loved so much.

I was living one of my long-awaited dreams, and it was so delicious.

When have you been so in it? So in love with the adventure of life?

Your intuition will never lead you astray. Listen and follow. The alternative is hard and unenjoyable.

Posted by Bianca Spears on Thursday, 2 November 2017

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