Praise for Bianca

"My call with Bianca was AMAZING!!!! She listened and heard things I didn’t even realize I was saying. She called me out already and challenged my way of thinking. My message is clear and my story is getting clearer. Now to put it into action.
I am so freakin excited!! It seems simple but this is big for me because I’m taking action and even a needlepoint action is good. I now see the possibilities in my future that I never believed I could have before."


Jamie Stott - Business Owner, Adelaide, Australia


Photo Clare Coffield"Bianca's style of coaching suits me well. I'm enjoying her positive and helpful approach which motivates me to take the actions I know are good and healthy for me. She's also great at following up to help me keep on track. Easy, relaxed style with a structure is ideal. "


wide"Over the years, I have viewed Bianca’s life from afar and thought many questions such as; “Why does she get to have everything?” “Does this woman ever work?” “How the hell does she come across all of these opportunities?” After reading her advertisement for coaching online, I thought bugger it, I’ve got to make a change. This is my opportunity to live the life that I want to, instead of gingerly accepting the life that keeps getting handed to me. The coaching that followed was valuable, empowering and more than I had expected, tapping into my creativity that I never knew was there. I’m not a painter, musician or an artist. … Yet when I have reflected back on my life and think about my happiest moments, it is within beautiful, creative moments where I feel truly alive. I’ve learnt it doesn’t have to be a making a magical piece of artwork for the world to see or trying to make the next hottest music, it can just be a completely random moment where your creativity is so alive inside of you, you’re bursting with excitement. This also has a flow on effect to all other aspects in your life. Bianca’s helped me focus and use this creative energy which has helped me knock over personal goals and begin my journey to my dream lifestyle. Teaching me along the way great tips and tricks on a variety of aspects such as; how to create enjoyment out of weekly routines, how to search deep inside finding out what I really want in life and focusing on actively choose thought patterns. Overall she has helped steer my life towards the ‘Fuck Yeah’ moments I have been dreaming of. Deciding to finally take control of your life is such an amazing empowering step. I am so happy that B was able to help me connect with inner creativity and start the journey building the life that I want. I strongly urge anyone who is not happy with their life to give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen?


Peter John Maloney - Counsellor, Educator & Coach, Australia

wide"I approached Bianca because she had the kind willingness to throw herself out into the world and help those around her which caught my eye, throwing lots of positiveness in the air and being grateful for those around her. 

Bianca helped me find out who I really was, find what I wanted to do with myself and dig out that I wanted to lose some weight as my first goal. 

The result was over 10 Kilograms over 12 weeks with constant check ups and accountability and also a helping hand with my goal setting for the new year. 

One thing I liked was her bubbly attitude, her work ethic and her willingness to help me move forward with my goals. 

I found the experience truly life changing to say the least. 

I would recommend Bianca to people who need a helping hand in life, whether it be losing weight, setting and hitting goals or even just motivation in the right areas your lacking. Its a great journey! "


Tara Daylami - Therapist, USA

StephenI was very apprehensive at first to actually start this coaching... But boy I am so very glad I did! After the second session with Bianca everything across my dynamics of my life just slotted into place - it was almost too good to be true. Bianca's questions just drove through my conveniently mocked up barriers. I am actually doing something about all the things I dream of everyday. I amazingly have time every day off my life to create on my dreams and goals. I am in control in such a fun way and I am loving it!


Celine Grelard - Coach, New Zealand

wide"When I first met Bianca, I must have had the reaction of a bonobo, like most men who see her beauty passing by, but I had the luck and pleasure of getting to know her better and I met also her inner beauty. She is a fantastic person, her warmth and her enthusiasm are contagious! 

Sometimes some special kind of people cross your path and it seems like an angel sent them. That is exactly the feeling that I have in mind about my friendship with Bianca. 

She is a magnet of positivity! I knew that the summer season we both worked as waiters on the Greek island of Corfu. It was not necessary in Greece, but she was the sun that shined in the place where she was working and her positive energy appealed to a lot of customers. 

She knows how to use the same power in different fields. Even on the other side of the world she is of great value to me. Lately I was feeling down and I couldn’t get out of this depression on my own, but Bianca showed me the way and was once again the sun in my life."


Attendees of my Mind-Body Connection Workshop in LA

Sabrina Smeaton - Business Owner & Personal Trainer, Australia

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