Reset and forgive yourself

Sometimes we forget how easy it is. 

I’ve been guilty of forgetting it lately, enjoying some parts of life – time with visiting friends and familyspending my days with Julian, seeing him grow and develop and learn before my very eyes, binge-watching ‘Black Earth Rising’ and ‘Orange is The New Black’ on Netflix with my partner at night…

And stressing and feeling bad about others.

Whether it’s for a day or a moment, I’ve felt bad about (and often beaten myself up about):
– Burning the chips that go with dinner
– Leaving my physio exercises until right before bed (again)
– Not showing up online
– Missing deadlines
– Taking hours (or even days) to get a load of washing clean, dry and back in the cupboard.

It’s one of those things I preach and have needed to remind myself – if you feel shit about life, your life is shit, (no matter what you have achieved, what car you drive, where you live or how much you earn).

If we don’t find overall joy and peace in what we are doing, we are choosing struggle and dissatisfaction.

I am grateful for the reminder and choose to consciously reset.

I am a creator. I choose ease. I choose fun. I choose peace. I choose joy. I choose satisfaction. I choose love. I choose to have fun and enjoy life. I choose to let go of all else and to forgive myself for all.


enjoy life feel good

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