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people say they want more money

What you should do to get more money

Some people say they want more money, But not many are willing to do anything about it. Whenever I travel I am always in awe of what people who need money will do. I saw a documentary When I was in Colombia about Street Vendors there – people selling fruits and foods & all kinds…

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how life should be

How to stop worrying

It didn’t smell like much, But just the act of Breathing in deeply And sighing out Was wonderful. The pic’s a bit out of focus, But clearly captures The peace, love & relaxation That I felt that day. That day was magical; Hiking through the lush jungle, Discovering waterfalls, Crossing wooden footbridges Above fresh, flowing…

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Why hustling can be bad for you

I used to wait til I was broken and burnt out to rest, recharge and love on myself. I waited til I was mentally fried to take time to “do nothing”, Because down-time felt lazy and unproductive I used to feel like all of my time had to be maximised by doing SOMETHING. It was…

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3 Powerful Life Coaching Questions to Empower You to Change Your Life

    Whenever a client says to me “Ha. That’s a good question” and takes a second to consider things differently, I know I’m coaching at my best because fantastic coaches ask fantastic questions. Why? A coach’s job is to lead people to reach their own conclusions, and fantastic questions urge people to look at things…

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