Train your mind to think positively

I wanted to rip my headphones out of my ears and erase the damage it had done immediately.

I’m always quite careful with what I put into my mind, and if I find a long affirmation / hypnosis video or audio, I will skip through it and listen to sections to do a quality control before I listen at length, especially if I am going to use it while I sleep.

I’m pretty fussy about the voice, the words used, the music… I often think I’d be better to just record my own. It took me a while to find, though recently I found an affirmations vid that I liked.

I’ve been listening to its 1,000 affirmations while I sleep, though this morning when I decided to listen, I was horrified to hear this:

“I’m not a quitter, I keep trying no matter what.”

Neuro-linguistic wise, there are two major things very wrong with this if you want to succeed.

  1. Your unconscious mind understands only straight forward talk, negations (not, no, won’t, don’t etc.) are not taken in. Think about the last time someone said “Don’t look” to you. All that you wanted to do was to look, because they had commanded your mind to do so.
  2. Try = make an attempt or effort to do something.


attempt, endeavour, make an effort, exert oneself, seek, strive, struggle

When you use the word “try”, you set your intention on the trying and give yourself permission to fail at whatever you are “trying” to do, and instead, succeed at “trying” itself.

Would you prefer to succeed at doing something, or only succeed at making an attempt at it/putting effort towards it?

Be careful with what you feed your mind, with:

  • what people say around you, to you and about you
  • with your own words, whether they’re thought, written and spoken

Our minds and beliefs are malleable. Our beliefs are just thoughts that we repeat over and over again and treat as true, yet their power is enormous (and easily affected on an unconscious level).

Why is it important to care about what’s repeated within and around your mind?

I could write an entire post on this alone, though for today I’ll say this:

Our beliefs influence our other thoughts and our feelings, which influence our actions, which influence the results that we see and experience in our lives.

You are creating everything from within and all of the little bits add up – they matter. The focus, the energy, the intention, the language…

Change your language and you will change your life.

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