Why it is important to reflect

If you see something around you that you are not liking. If things are going crazy in your life, if people frustrating you or are acting in a way that you don’t appreciate…

I guarantee that what you will find is this:
You are creating the same dynamic somewhere in your life.

You are being ignorant just like them.
You are being stingy or scarce just like them.
You are creating drama.
You are being less than loving.
You are creating chaos.
You are choosing uncertainty.
You are doing whatever it is that is causing you problems.

I find that OWNING whatever is going on and finding it within what I am doing/being/creating is still this one of the most challenging things to do.
It means finding crap in your life.
It means taking responsibility.
It means owning up to and admitting to yourself what’s REALLY going on rather than hiding out, pretending it’s not you, it’s THEM, and playing the victim in the situation.

It means dealing with the shit that you may sometimes wish would just stay under the surface
But once you step up and shift it,
Everything shifts
And you remember once more what an incredibly powerful, masterful creator you truly are. 

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