Will You Dance To Your Own Beat?

Yesterday I was loving life in a silent disco with my new friend Kalli.

I’ll admit, when we first went in, we were both a little uncomfortable, and after 5 mins or so we took off our shoes and got right into it. We were singing into pine needles we’d picked off the ground like microphones, sticking them under our headphones like antennae and dancing like no one was watching.


It makes me sad that some of you will never again know the freedom of letting go, of playing and being lost in your own groove.
I see you
I know you want to step out.
I know you want to let go and not give a f***
But you do.
You’re worried
About judgements
About looking stupid
About your reputation
About whether it’s responsible
I know.
I have been there.

Yesterday stepping into that disco I was there.
Everyone was looking.
The disco was mostly kids and Mums.
We didn’t really fit in.
I felt more awkward than usual
And after 5 mins when I was still feeling awkward I wanted to leave
But I knew I’d be giving in to the fear
And missing out on the fun I usually have dancing.
So I made myself comfortable and kept going.

I know it can be scary.
But the rewards are Soooo much better than living in your shell.

Whether you want to dance or not is beside the point, this is anout lowering your inhibitions and getting vulnerable (without drugs or alcohol), creating and OWNING a damn good time.

So here’s what I want to know: will you create fun in your world or will you sit in the box the world has put you in wishing you had the courage to step out?

Always remember:

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